Question time with Lola and Seffie: Young skillers on the rise!

Question time with Lola and Seffie: Young skillers on the rise!

Question time with Lola and Seffie: Young skillers on the rise!

Lola and Seffie are extremely popular on Instagram, with more than 11,000 followers. They make cool films, work with sponsors and bring the hockey sport into the picture.

Lola and Seffie, you are each other's hockey buddies, how did you get to know each other?

Seffie: We got to know each other via Instagram because we both posted trick hockey videos. That's why we started to befriend each other and that's how I discovered that Lola, like me, also went through the NK shootouts on HC Pijnacker. That was the first time we saw each other. After that, it clicked well between us and we started to meet more often, to train and to make videos. We even participated in Holland's Got Talent together!

Lola: Yes, indeed, I saw Seffie for the first time on Instagram and I liked the videos she made so I started doing it myself. We then made a lot of calls. That was really about everything and so we found out that we both were through to the NK shootout in Pijnacker. We even sat together in the group (of course I won from Seffie, haha). Then we also started making short films together and we usually stay together during the holidays.

Lola plays at Berkel & Rodenrijs and Seffie, you play at Hoekse Waard. Do you play against each other in the competition?

Lola: No until now unfortunately not. I would like it but we are not in the same class. Hope that it will happen later or even better, together in the team, but Seffie lives in Verweggistan 

Seffie: No we are not together in the group or competition because Lola plays sub-top and I play 1st class. Too bad for now, but someday we will come together in the Dutch team (at least we hope we will). I play less high than I would like because the distance to all clubs that play in a higher class (such as HCR, HCDB, AHBC, etc.) are more than an hour's drive for me. But that will change soon

How did you start with the hockey movies and how did you find JD Hockey (Jamie Dwyer) willing to sponsor you?

Seffie: I started making videos when I was not playing hockey. First I was swimming at a high level, but I had to stop because of an injury. I found that very unfortunate, but when I saw the videos of Team Streethockey I thought “I want to be able to do this too!” So then I took a very old stick from my grandfather and I started practicing. After a while I really got the hang of it and I registered at a club with me on the island, HC Goeree Overflakkee. I had a great time there and I really learned to play hockey! I started a really serious hockey account at the beginning, which was not such a success at the beginning, but after a while ran out to 11,000 followers (with help from accounts like @teamstreethockey, @hockeyfilm and of course the coolest. @Hockeystylmagazine, because the videos were reposted). When I posted videos for a while and already tested several brands I suddenly got a dm from JDH (Jamie Dwyer Hockey) with the question if I wanted to tell something about myself and if I was interested in their brand. At first I doubted it but then I did a video with JDH in the sea and now I never want to go back, it is a really great brand and we have already experienced a lot of great things such as: recording with Jamie Dwyer, being reposted, etc. We are very grateful for that!

Lola: I liked it and tricks are always fun, but when I saw Seffie I also created an account. First I was sponsored by Solo hockey. Many people did not know it, but they were fine sticks. After a while, someone I did not know through Insta asked what I thought about JDH and if I did not like JDH sticks much better than Solo. He sent me a link with an application form for a JDH sponsorship which I then filled out. And then it turned out that JDH wanted to sponsor me.

You can also often be seen through Team Streethockey. How did you get in touch with them and what do you think of the streethockey initiative?

Seffie: I came into contact with Team Streethockey because they posted very nice videos and I reacted to them. After a while they also started to follow me and also responded to me. After a few months they have edited a video of small fragments of my best tricks and have posted them. That has really become a fat movie! We also keep in touch because we are in a large group app with multiple skillers. They have also put the street hockey on the map and made it even bigger. That is of course super cool because with freestyling you have no rules and you can do endless tricks, it never gets boring. And I think that even more children should try it!

Lola: Team Streethockey was always my big example, so I also tagged them regularly. After the video that I placed on the beach in Scheveningen they contacted me. They wanted to reproduce the video. For me that answer was not very difficult: I was very happy when they asked. Now we also have a group app on Instagram with a few others where we use our videos. We miss nothing and can give each other lots of tips. I find Streethockey very cool because you can do it everywhere, you get a much better technique and there are always new tricks to practice. And if you can do a new trick, it just feels so good.

What do you think should continue to happen to get even more people to hockey?

Lola: Streethockey matches and even more hockey accounts on Instagram!

Seffie: To get more people to play hockey it is useful to advertise the sport and also to show a different side of hockey like urban and freestyle hockey: there are so many tricks that can impress people and them get excited to practice it too! Because you never get enough of hockey.

Another idea could be to give even more women an important position in the sport, as coach, trainer, referee, chairman and so on.

You are the future, how do you see that for you when you are grown up?

Lola: I hope that we are still one of the best in the world with the Dutch team and that the women in the sport will become even more.

Seffie: As for the future, I hope for a nice hockey career, but of course you have to work hard for that, step by step. So my goal for now is Dutch girls B or A and then move on to the Dutch national team! I also hope that, in the future, if I have met the Dutch team, there is a family that supports me. Because my mother is chronically ill and tired quickly. For example, watching a hockey game from me is too heavy, then she will be in bed for a week to recover. I just hope that she will one day experience me playing a game for Orange and that she will be able to see that I not only always work hard for my dreams but also that I have realized them! And without my parents I would not have gone as far as now: they take me everywhere and sometimes shoot for 2 hours, until a movie is finally succeeded. They support me and know that I will pursue my dreams. And if the Dutch team would not succeed, then I also see myself as a national coach or sports physiotherapist of the Dutch team! But suppose that if the Dutch team does succeed, then I also have to do something and that would be my own physio practice or working somewhere on the emergency room.

Which insta accounts do you like to follow?

Seffie: The accounts I follow are mainly hockey accounts of Dutch national team players, @teamstreethockey, @hockeyfilmpje, @hockeystylemagazine, etc.

Lola: @hockeystylemagazine, @teamstreethockey, @hockeyfilmpje, @selfpass, @ seffiebakker04, @ sebastian.hockeytricks, @jeroenthertzberger (especially on YouTube)

Which music do you prefer to stream?

Lola: I actually listen very little to music, when I listen it is usually during cycling or during homework and I just turn on the Top40.

Seffie: I am not a fan of music myself. I almost never listen to music but if it then I have to go for a bit of busy music to stay active!

What is your favourite food?

Seffie: My favorite food is risotto (but of course made by my mother). 

Lola: Spinach with egg and aromat and pizza.

Lola, what is your ultimate hockey dream and what is your top tip for other hockey kids?

Lola: My dream is to get 100K followers, to get into the Dutch national team and to make the streethockey big. My top tip is to look very well at other movies (in slomo) and NEVER give up!

Seffie, what is your ultimate hockey dream and what is your top tip for other hockey kids?



Seffie: As you can already see, my hockey dream is to be in the Dutch team, get an even bigger following on my Instagram and just make people happy with my movies. Just do what you like because you will not get far without having fun. A thought that I always have with me is "without a goal you can not score" without a goal you do not achieve anything, and what you want to achieve, you have to work hard for that!














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